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Hanover Country Club is closed for golf for the season, due to ongoing course renovations.  We thank all our customers for their support during the season, and we look forward to a new and improved golf course for the 2015 season.

The Golf Shop will be open this week Tuesday-Thursday 10am-3pm

Check out the Webstore----Hanover Country Club Membership, and Dartmouth Merchandise--School Owned Store, Tax Free New Hampshire. 

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Welcome to the official home of the Hanover Country Club on the campus of Dartmouth College. HCC is a college-owned, semi-private course open to the public. Feel free to give us a call for more information and/or a tee time (603) 646-2000.

Weather at the Course

Currently in Hanover, NH:

  • Today

    Fair | Clear | Fair with Haze | Clear with Haze | Fair and Breezy | Clear and Breezy

    Mostly Sunny

    34° / 47°

  • Mon

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    AM Rain

    42° / 61°

  • Tue

    Fair | Clear | Fair with Haze | Clear with Haze | Fair and Breezy | Clear and Breezy

    Mostly Sunny

    31° / 46°

  • Wed

    Snow | Light Snow | Heavy Snow | Snow Showers | Light Snow Showers | Heavy Snow Showers | Showers Snow | Light Showers Snow | Heavy Showers Snow | Snow Fog/Mist | Light Snow Fog/Mist | Heavy Snow Fog/Mist | Snow Showers Fog/Mist | Light Snow Showers Fog/Mist | Heavy Snow Showers Fog/Mist | Showers Snow Fog/Mist | Light Showers Snow Fog/Mist | Heavy Showers Snow Fog/Mist | Snow Fog | Light Snow Fog | Heavy Snow Fog | Snow Showers Fog | Light Snow Showers Fog | Heavy Snow Showers Fog | Showers Snow Fog | Light Showers Snow Fog | Heavy Showers Snow Fog | Showers in Vicinity Snow | Snow Showers in Vicinity | Snow Showers in Vicinity Fog/Mist | Snow Showers in Vicinity Fog | Low Drifting Snow | Blowing Snow | Snow Low Drifting Snow | Snow Blowing Snow | Light Snow Low Drifting Snow | Light Snow Blowing Snow | Heavy Snow Low Drifting Snow | Heavy Snow Blowing Snow | T-storm Snow  | Light T-storm Snow | Heavy T-storm Snow | Snow Grains | Light Snow Grains | Heavy Snow Grains | Heavy Blowing Snow | Blowing Snow in Vicinity

    PM Snow

    29° / 38°

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