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Welcome to the official home of the Hanover Country Club on the campus of Dartmouth College. HCC is a college-owned, semi-private course open to the public. Feel free to give us a call for more information and/or a tee time (603) 646-2000.

Weather at the Course

Currently in Hanover, NH:

  • Today

    Snow | Light Snow | Heavy Snow | Snow Showers | Light Snow Showers | Heavy Snow Showers | Showers Snow | Light Showers Snow | Heavy Showers Snow | Snow Fog/Mist | Light Snow Fog/Mist | Heavy Snow Fog/Mist | Snow Showers Fog/Mist | Light Snow Showers Fog/Mist | Heavy Snow Showers Fog/Mist | Showers Snow Fog/Mist | Light Showers Snow Fog/Mist | Heavy Showers Snow Fog/Mist | Snow Fog | Light Snow Fog | Heavy Snow Fog | Snow Showers Fog | Light Snow Showers Fog | Heavy Snow Showers Fog | Showers Snow Fog | Light Showers Snow Fog | Heavy Showers Snow Fog | Showers in Vicinity Snow | Snow Showers in Vicinity | Snow Showers in Vicinity Fog/Mist | Snow Showers in Vicinity Fog | Low Drifting Snow | Blowing Snow | Snow Low Drifting Snow | Snow Blowing Snow | Light Snow Low Drifting Snow | Light Snow Blowing Snow | Heavy Snow Low Drifting Snow | Heavy Snow Blowing Snow | T-storm Snow  | Light T-storm Snow | Heavy T-storm Snow | Snow Grains | Light Snow Grains | Heavy Snow Grains | Heavy Blowing Snow | Blowing Snow in Vicinity

    Snow Showers

    20° / 35°

  • Thu

    Mostly Cloudy | Mostly Cloudy with Haze | Mostly Cloudy and Breezy


    0° / 23°

  • Fri

    Partly Cloudy | Party Cloudy with Haze | Partly Cloudy and Breezy

    Partly Cloudy

    9° / 25°

  • Sat

    Mostly Cloudy | Mostly Cloudy with Haze | Mostly Cloudy and Breezy


    -12° / 7°

Last Updated: 1/8/16